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Providing quality images for your brochures, reports or catalogs.

Professional photographer, Louis Sabo, creates images for product advertising that can be used in both print and internet environments. The past 16 years have given him a diverse list of subjects from fish to horses to people and products from transistors to high voltage transmission towers. Louis uses the digital medium for capturing images but is also fully equiped for film photography, providing the customer flexibility in matching advertising needs to imaging quality.

Click the links to the left to browse a portfolio of Louis' images.

Since photography is only one part of the marketing message for your company we can also help with print design and web design to provide the end pieces for your companies marketing materials.

Louis is available to meet with you to review your imaging needs and explain how his photography and design services can provide the solution.

Call us at our toll free # (877) 270-1515 or click below to send an Email to set up an appointment.



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